Primitive Doll With Sunflowers

I am so over the heat here in Arizona, so I am starting fall and winter goodies.  This gal is approximatey 20 inches.  She is made of muslin.  Her head is painted black and her body is painted tan.  She is grunged up a bit.  Her eyes are buttons and her mouth and nose are hand stitched.  Her skirt is made from muslin and coffee dyed.  She is holding a bag made from wool that has dried sunflowers in it.  I attached a rusty pin in the front which holds the sunflowers in place.  

She would love to be adopted by you.  Say the word and I will get her a ticket to head your way.

Thanks so much for taking the time to view her, please check out my other goodies on Early Works Mercantile.

Price is $ shipping.


Witchie Poo

Up for your consideration is this Witch, but don't worry she is a good Witch.  She is approximately 21 inches tall, not counting her hat.  She is made from muslin that has been lightly grunged up with coffee.  She has a grungy piece of cheesecloth as her apron and some orange and black homespun tied around her neck.  Her hat is muslin and painted and I attached a bit of orange tinsel around the brim.  Her eyes, nose and mouth are hand stitched on.  Her boots are black and she is wearing some snazzie purple and lime green socks. 

She is a holding a pumpkin which I made from clay and inside the pumpkin are three crows also made from clay.  I tucked some dried moss inside the pumpkin.  It is wired to her hands.  

Thanks for taking a peek at my Witchie Poo.

Price is $ shipping.


Frankie The Skeleton

I just love this guy.  He will light up your prim house this Halloween.  He is approximately 23 inches tall, not counting his hat.  He is made from muslin, painted and grunged up a bit.  He is wearing a hat also made from muslin and I attached a spider to his hat.  His eyes are painted on and his nose and mouth are hand stitched.  He has black cheesecloth tied around his neck.  I have also attached a spider on his shoulder. He has a little buddy, a skeleton head attached to a twig who is also wearing a hat.

Thanks so much for taking a peek at all my goodies for the month of August.  

Price is $ shipping